Celebrating Bali's Island Life

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Fashion & Art As A Homage to the Ocean

THE OCEAN fashion label came to fruition in 2000 as a homage to Indonesia’s archipelagic lifestyle where the ocean surrounds all facets of life. It is the first label of its kind on the island of Bali that offers both visitors and residents alike sophisticated and premium-quality resort-wear collections along with other lifestyle and art treasures from around the world.

THE OCEAN has been creating beautiful clothes for stylish women in Bali and many other trendy places everywhere for over a decade now. It has steadily morphed into an internationally recognised fashion label, art space and lifestyle brand with a growing reputation among fans, partners, collectors and customers.

Everything that THE OCEAN produce is 100% made with love in Bali!

Check out our collection on www.theoceanbali.com and Instagram @the.oceanbali

Prepare to be amazed!


What We Offer


Our designs follow the latest fashion trends. Each piece is made to make you look more beautiful.


Because being fashionable also means feeling good about what you wear.


Our designs focus on making you look good and even stunning in every ocassion.


With our designs, you can still be fashionable within a resonable budget.


A beautiful dress will be worn many times. We have this in mind when we produce our items.


Our resort wear is inspired by Bali so that you can express your love for Bali’s island life anywhere, anytime.


What People Are Saying

“I’ve never looked better”

“I’m simply in love with these dresses. So easy on the eye and so good on me.”


“Beautiful and cheap”

I bought five dresses because they are so affordable!


“So many gorgeous choices!”

I spent at least two hours inside the shop because I couldn’t make up my mind. Can I have all?”


“I feel like a new person”

“I’m wearing the dresses even when I’m back in Melbourne. It makes me feel invincible.