Tote Bag With A Mission

Fashionable. Sustainable. Reusable.





Saving Mother Earth One Bag at A Time

A Bali-based brand, Kora Tote Bag is not your common tote bag. Practical, durable, washable and reusable, it is a tote bad with a mission: to decrease the use of plastic.

Because you can also be chic and fashionable while also actively contributing to the preservation of the environment. It starts with one person, totting a bag with a No Plastic Bag movement message, encouraging others. Then it’s two people and soon, there will be enough people to fire up a significant movement.

Good for the environment; Good to match with everything.


Be stylish. Be smart. Be responsible.


What We Offer


Our tote bags have been designed to compliment the stylish looks of its carrier. Each piece is like a wearable art.


The main reason for us to produce these cool tote bags are to help promote lifestyle products that are produced responsibly.


To be sustainable, each bag has to be able to be used repeatedly many many times. Each Kora Tote bag lasts a lifetime.

A Rallying Message

Use less plastic. Or better, stop using plastic completely. Our lives and our mother Earth will be much better for it.

Responsible Lifestyle

Because it is possible to look good and be good to our own environment at the same time too.

A Healthier Earth

Less waste means a healthier planet. A healthier planet means kinder living conditions for all of us.


What People Are Saying

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