Your Very Own Italian Adventure

Authentic. Handcrated. Fresh.





A Little Piece of Italy of Everyone

Under the guidance of an Italian master chef, the artisans at Cibo! Pasta Lab have created a range of authentic Italian products that celebrate generations-old traditions of pasta-making. All our products are handmade and produced based on authentic recipes using only the very best ingredients, from premium semolina flour to the freshest, locally sourced herbs and vegetables. Our pasta and sauce products are specially packaged to retain their freshness and quality, giving you the same authentic pasta experience you would normally enjoy at our restaurant.

Hooked? Our chef’s passion for Italian cuisine and customer service can also be enjoyed at our Cibo! Restaurant located in Canggu – Bali, where he serves traditional homemade Italian dishes in a cozy setting.


What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

Cibo! creations are all made from generations-old recipes from Italy that has been modernised for present-day palates.

World-Class Chef

Our head chef has been cooking in first-class, fine-dining kitchens all over the world.

Crafted by Hands

No factory machine here. Our food artisans in the kitchen create each piece of our products by their hands every day.

First-Class Ingredients

All of our products are from premium semolina flour to the freshest, locally sourced herbs and vegetables thus ensuring its high-quality taste.

Fresh Products

We know very well that the best dishes can only be made from the freshest products.

Functional Packaging

To make sure that our products arrive at your door fresh, we’ve designed a functional packaging that ensure its freshness and superb quality.


What People Are Saying

“A real treat!”

Cibo’s pasta tastes just like home. Except I don’t have to fly halfway across the world to be home in Italy.


“Best Italian food in Bali”

Diego’s food is easily the best Italian on the island, maybe even in Indonesia.


“Heavenly sauce!”

The pasta sauces in Cibo! is out of this world. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you’re missing out big time.


“Can’t get enough”

“I dine at least twice at week there. And now I can have their food at home. It’s wonderful!