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Authentic Artisanal Food & Sustainable Fashion

Food lovers in Bali, especially those who live close to Canggu, have been treated to delicious, world-class, authentic Italian food wonders from Cibo! for over a year now. Our chef’s pasta and sauces are out of this world because they are made from generations-old recipes from his hometown in Bologna by the highly-trained hands of our food artisans in the kitchen every day. During this time, Cibo! in Canggu has been welcoming visitors from all over the world. Most have enquired if they could take their Italian food adventure at Cibo! to their own homes. Our response: why not?

Cibo! & Co is an online platform that we have designed to enable good food lovers from everywhere to be able to enjoy authentic and delicious Italian food anywhere. To start with, we are catering to food lovers from Indonesia. We aim to service the rest of the world soon.

In addition, we also have a big collection of stylish and sustainable fashion items such as a green tote bag line and a range of resort wear. There will be more exciting products offering to come soon as we grow and learn to make your online shopping experience better too.


What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

Made from generations-old Italian recipes from Bologna and adjusted for the palate of modern foodies.

Crafted by Hands

With high-quality ingredients and under the supervision of a world-class Italian chef.

Functional Packaging

 We’ve designed our food packaging to keep the taste and quality of our food products fresh until they reach you.

Sustainable Fashion

Kora Tote bags are made to be used many times to minimise the use of plastic in our daily life.

Cool Style

The Ocean Fashion’s collections are made so that you can still bring the coolness of Bali wherever you go.

Easy Shopping

We aim to make your online shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We want you to be happy.


What People Are Saying

“A real treat!”

Cibo’s pasta tastes just like home. Except I don’t have to fly halfway across the world to be home in Italy.


“Best Italian food in Bali”

Diego’s food is easily the best Italian on the island, maybe even in Indonesia.


“Heavenly sauce!”

The pasta sauces in Cibo! is out of this world. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you’re missing out big time.


“Can’t get enough”

“I dine at least twice at week there. And now I can have their food at home. It’s wonderful!